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on November 26, 2014

The oldest building in California

Courtesy Wikipedia
We have are a relatively young state by American standards. California joined the Union around the time of the Civil War.

However, Californias’s history goes back much further. California was developed before the East Coast, where the Pilgrims landed was every developed. Because of that, we here in California have buildings, and places and stories that are much older than anything in America.

Here is a look at the oldest building in California.

California responds to the Michael Brown verdict in Ferguson

on November 25, 2014
A grand jury decided yesterday not to indict police officer Darren Wilson in the shooting of African American teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson Missouri. The case has been watched with much tension by the entire nation.

California is not without its own horrible past of police brutality. 


California Businesses Who Have Won World Records

Courtesy Guinness World Records
Here is a look at the 5 business leaders or businesses, based in California,  that won a world record for their business activities.

Ready Set to CON year!

Original reporting by Doug Bloomer

What's faster than a super hero or a speeding bullet? Answer: TIME! Yes, it's true! The International San Diego Comic Convention has already come and gone.

California started the LGBTQIA “Gay” movement

on November 24, 2014
Most people don’t know that the correct term referring to what was once called “the Gay community”,  is LGBTQIA. A lot of people -including those in the LGBTQIA (Lesbian Gay Bisexual TransGendered Questioning Intersex and Ally) community- don't know what the acronym stands for.

Given Californiality is centered on raising pride in Californians, we thought we'd highlight the role California has played in the LGBTQIA community's freedom. There is more work to do, but the history behind the movement is one to be proud of.

Leona's Spiritual Insights: Thanksgiving Day 2014

Courtesy the Awl
By Leona Byrne

Thanksgiving day is a day of gratitude.

We celebrate with lots of food and spending time with family and friends. We show our appreciation and love and we feel good and grateful for many things.

The energy of gratitude is the same higher vibration as love.

Only 1/3 (or less) may apply for President’s “amnesty” “deal”

on November 21, 2014
Last night the President of America offered his “deal” for “undocumented” residents of this country.  It’s not amnesty as the President explained, although that seems to be the popular term in the media. The Deal may seem fair – however, we ran the numbers and only 1/3 to 1/7th of ALL undocumented Californians will actually be able to accept this deal…a small to tiny minority, while the overwhelming majority of Californians who are undocumented – WILL NOT BE AFFECTED AT ALL.

Californians Who Build The Biggest ...In The World

Courtesy Guinness World Records
In California we dream big.  Here is a list of Californians who have won world records for their ability to dream big and build that big dream.

"Flash back Friday - This week in CA history" Steamboat Willie (Mickey Mouse) Makes His Appearance 1928

This week in California history, Steamboat Willie made his first appearance in a short film, and later became Mickey Mouse.Check out the original movie.

Don’t get your hopes up for Presidential Amnesty California

on November 19, 2014
In the last few months the President of the United States has suggested that he will authorize an executive order to stop deportations of undocumented people in this nation.  This action has been called “executive amnesty” by critics – however it is not. 

Real amnesty would mean granting citizenship for undocumented people living in America illegally – that is not what the President is proposing.  

How Well Is The Comic Book Market Doing In California?

Original reporting by Douglas J. Bloomer

POW!  SOCK!  SNORT! Pick your genre! There is one waiting for you at HEROES COMICS in Fresno, CA. 

Who knew that one young man would blast ahead with a business idea and the determination that would make a Super-Hero envious? 

Californians Who Have Won A World Record For Sports Contests

Courtesy Guinness World Records
We have a very outdoor going climate here in California, and many Californians who like sports and challenges.  So we've compiled a list of Californians and California organizations who have taken that competitiveness and won world record's with it.

Where To Get The Highest Quality Turkey Meat This Year in California

on November 18, 2014
Courtesy Wikipedia
It’s called a heirloom turkey or a heritage turkey, and according to professional chefs
"It definitely has more flavor than the modern turkey”.

Most animals in America have become part of an industrial machine, that has chosen certain breeds over others or genetically modified species of plants or animals they are producing to get the greatest profit. Almost all of the turkeys that are bought and sold today every Thanksgiving are not like the original wild turkeys that the first Americans ate.

Time to laugh - Californians caught off guard

on November 17, 2014

Where and How To Hunt For Turkey's In California

First, because this is California, you should know that the official California Department of Fish and Game has issued this statement: “California’s wild turkey populations are healthy and growing” AND “Hunting turkeys helps to control their populations and maintain their natural wariness of people.”

The wild turkey's of California occupy about 18 percent of the states land mass, and are doing great as a population. However, because these animals are nowhere near extinct or endangered, their population needs to be kept in balance.

Who am I? Guess This Famous Californian

on November 16, 2014

  • I am a second generation Californian – both of my parents were born in California
  • I was born in Concord
  • I had close family who I would visit in Red Bluff
  • I went to high school in Oakland
  • I  first studied about the career I would be famous in, at Sacramento State
  • I grew up with siblings of Chinese descent
  • I grew up religious but I have long supported the right of people to marry someone of the same sex

GO SEE CA: Best So Cal Beach: Malibu beach

on November 15, 2014
Courtesy Graham Owen gallery
Choosing a top beach in California is impossible. So we thought that choosing a top beach by region of California would be much easier. That was a mistake the problem is that California is full of awesome beaches.

So to be fair, Californiality made the choice of the top beach in Southern California based on what seemed to be the convergence of opinion from many different sources. Many other southern California beaches were raved about, however Malibu was the one beach that seemed to be listed by everyone as a beach to see.

California Tribe becomes part of Cal State University

on November 14, 2014
Fresno City College, which is the oldest community college in California, had a very recent addition added to the campus this week - from the oldest people in California. 

The creation of Yokuts' Plaza on the campus was announced with a special ceremony and march around the campus.

The Yokuts are the California native tribe of the Central Valley region

They consisted of around 60 different tribes spread throughout the Central Valley, with a total population of around 18,000-70,000 tribal members. The Yokuts traded with other tribes, used money to trade, and had clearly demarcated boundaries for their settlements. They were a sophisticated California Native Tribe. 

SERIES "Flash back Friday - This week in CA history" San Francisco first post office 1848

This week the San Francisco post office opened.It was the year 1848.Same year they discovered gold.Check out this picture of it and the chaos that almost happened that day.With thousand of letters to be claimed.

Leona's Spiritual Insights: What prevents true communication

Courtesy Illustrations Of
By Leona Byrne

I love reading posts by Neale Donald Walsch on facebook.

Recently he talked about political leaders need to be ready to hear the other side''s point of view instead of coming  to the table to push their own point of view.

The problem with politics  in my point of view is there is  lot of talking and blaming instead of listening.

One Californian is still listed as "Missing in Action" from the War on Terror

on November 12, 2014
Courtesy Missing Man
A lot has been mentioned about Seargent Bowe Bergdahl, who is being called the “the last known American POW”.

While that is technically true, the news is easily being interpreted as though all Americans who have been involved in the War in Terror these last couple of years have been brought home to America. That part is not true.

Kirk von Ackermann, was private contractor working for the US military in the Iraq invasion, and was declared missing in 2003. He was previously an officer in the United State Air Force. He was from Moss Beach but worked for a company based out of San Mateo.

EVENT: Veteran's day

on November 11, 2014
Courtesy CA National Guard
This day is designed to give thanks to all Americans who served in the military who are still alive. It is not to be confused with Memorial day, which gives recognition to veterans who died during a war that America fought in. Despite the well-meaning of many Americans, this day is often confused, causing disturbed feelings among living veterans.

At first Veterans day only celebrated military personnel who fought in WWI. Later on in 1954, President Dwight Eisenhower, changed the day to recognize all veterans from any war.

Californiality remembers veterans day.Reagans speech commemorating the 40th anniversary of d-day.

My grandfather in ww2
Californiality remembers veterans day and thanks all who have served.This is one of Reagans greatest speeches commemorating the 40th anniversary of Normandy.

Time to laugh - Californians caught off guard

on November 10, 2014

Californians who received the Medal of Honor...and are still alive.

Courtesy Army
America has been involved in many wars, and Californians while being best known as the place that protests foreign wars of America, is also the place that sends the most soldiers to the American military.
Californians have fought in every major conflict that America has fought since the Civil War. A few Californians over this time have been awarded the highest order of recognition by the Government of America – the Medal of Honor.

SERIES: "Who am I" - guess this famous Californian

on November 9, 2014
I was born in San Francisco, later playing a tough guy from the area
I went to high school in Oakland
The army stationed me at Fort Ord
While I was working at Fort Ord I was “discovered” by Hollywood
Although I am known as a Republican, I have publicly voiced by disapproval of the Korean, Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq wars.
Also, I have supported Democrat and Republican candidates for office in California and have been liked by both Democrat and Republican California governors.

Sit amongst the stars at this California bar

on November 8, 2014

Courtesy Paidasmanagement
 July Garland from The Wizard of Oz was proposed to there. Marilyn Monroe had her first date with Joe DiMaggio there. John Belushi ate his last meal there. Cheech and Chong made a famous skit about this place. In addition, almost everyone who was famous in rock and roll over the last 40 years has performed or hung out at this bar.