SERIES: "Who am I" - guess this famous Californian

on September 21, 2014
I helped win WWII.
I always wanted to be a soldier.
I tried to kill Pacho Villa.
I was tough but well liked.
I competed in the Olypmics
I was born in San Marino, California
I went to school in Pasadena
My grandfather was mayor of Los Angeles
I meet my wife on Catalina Island


GO SEE CA: Highland Games in Fresno!

on September 20, 2014
Courtesy flickrhivemind
You have probably heard a lot about Scotland in the last few days. 

Well Scotland is coming to you - the Scottish Highlands festival hits the Central Valley of California this weekend.

It truly is a family fun event, something to keep the kids and the adults entertained all day long. The event is open from 9am to 4:30pm.

Leona's Spiritual Insights: Blessed in California

on September 19, 2014
by Leona Byrne

California is such a beautiful state. There is such variety in nature in which to marvel and enjoy here. From the oceans to the mountains to the desert; all are truly beautiful in their own way. Nature is God's creation and I feel especially at home outdoors.

SERIES: "Flash back Friday - This week in CA history" - First railroad line in southern CA.1868

This week in California history. September 19th,1868 Construction was started on the Los Angeles & San Pedro railroad.A 22 mile track proposed by a Congressman named Banning.This was a link to the outside world that Los Angeles sorely needed.

Check out this vintage train schedule.

SERIES: "Throwback Thursday -California style" -Life in the central valley 1949

on September 18, 2014

Facebook controversy - Drag Queens and Artists demand identity?

Original reporting by Lisa Y. Flores

Courtesy Frank242

The call went out far and wide to Drag Queens and their supporters to converge on Facebook Headquarters on Wednesday to protest the policy of using real names and being lockout of Facebook.

Recently, Facebook has been cracking down on users with factitious names/personas until they input their real names. A protest facebook page was established, as well as carpools organized to attend the event.

SERIES: "Throwback Thursday - California Style" - vacation lifestyle in the 1960's