Test your Californiality here

on July 7, 2014
Test Your Californiality Here
While the peer-reviewed proof that this is scientific has yet to be published, you can now take a test that determines your exact percentage of "California."

If you score 90 percent or more, congratulations... you're hella Californian.

It's 4th of July this week; who's permitted

on July 1, 2014
It's 4th of July this week; who's permitted
Fourth of July is fast-approaching this Friday, and you know what that means -- a lot of bright colorful lights streaming through the sky, the sound of pops and whistles emanating throughout the streets, and a whole lot of lost dogs and cats roaming the bullet shell-ridden landscape.

Ah... Welcome to Independence Day festivities in sunny California.

Californiality: 2014 budget policies reflect needs of community colleges

on June 25, 2014
Analysis: Marcus Evans (marcus@californiality.com)

2014 budget policies reflect needs of community colleges
Higher tuition fees at the community college level are a reality for many students, but Californiality's analysis of 2014 policies suggest the state is listening to the system's concerns and taking action as well.

In fact, community colleges have received a higher increase in funding than the University of California or California State University systems have received.

While the impact of these new 2014 policies are yet to be seen, it appears the state is taking the issue seriously.

Californiality: UC tuition spike harsher than at other colleges

Analysis: Marcus Evans (marcus@californiality.com)

Californiality: UC tuition spike harsher than at other colleges
Although tuition costs have risen, University of California students can still afford to get a higher education, according to the latest report by the UC system -- the same conclusion it made in 2010, the year student protests about the cost of schooling surged on its campuses.

A series of forced cuts in response to the global recession in 2008 prompted the UC system to raise tuition and conduct periodic reviews.

Californiality conducted a review of how the recession affected the UC system and found that it faced a much harsher round of tuition increases than other California colleges.

Drought-striken California passes budget with $1.6 billion "Rainy Day" fund

on June 23, 2014
California passes 2014 state budget
It's not the best metaphor to use amid a record drought throughout California, but Gov. Jerry Brown on Friday signed the 2014-2015 California budget into law -- including $1.6 billion being deposited into a "Rainy Day" fund for the state.

It's the first deposit in the fund since 2007. It would grow to $4.6 billion by 2017-18 if voters approve that in November -- and ironically, a considerable lack of rain might be the actual cause of the state tapping this fund.

California drought could affect entire nation

on June 18, 2014
California drought could affect entire nation
Food prices are rising, partly due to the stresses on California's agricultural industry as the state is gripped by a water drought.

Nationwide consumer prices rose 0.4 percent in May, the largest in 15 months, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This is due in part to steadily increasing food prices -- 0.5 percent in May -- made worse by the 2014 California drought.

Lepucki's "California" gets Colbert Bump

on June 16, 2014
Lepucki's California gets Colbert Bump
A highly anticipated fiction novel about a post-apocalyptic California in the not-too-distant future is getting some unexpected attention in a very non-fictional way.

That's because Amazon.com Inc., in its negotiations with book publishers, has decided to make presale orders unavailable for those publishers so it can use that as leverage in its negotations -- something Stephen Colbert, host of "The Colbert Report" on Comedy Central, calls a "scorched earth" tactic.

So he's taking aim at Amazon now.