The truth about: Poisoned Halloween Candy passed out in California

on October 1, 2014
Courtesy Oddee
Parents need to be concerned about their children safety. Also accepting “candy from strangers” is always an awkward position to be in.  So parents should always be vigilant in checking anything that their child consumes.

However, as our report will show, the fear of poisoned Halloween candy being passed out here in California – is largely overblown.

California is 7th largest economy – not 8th.

on September 30, 2014

Original reporting by Louis Marinelli

Courtesy Yaymicro
The United States Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) released a report last month providing advance statistics regarding the current dollar GDPs of the fifty states in 2013. They report California’s 2013 GDP to be at just over 2.2 trillion dollars which would put California in a virtual tie with Brazil (also 2.2 trillion) for 7th largest economy in the world.

A history of California and China

on September 29, 2014
2014 - California experiences massive explosion in tourists from China, and huge influx of foreign money into the economy. Analysts say that Chinese visitors to California spend “more than visitors from any other country, according to data from the U.S. Office of Travel and Tourism Industries.”

2013 – Governor Jerry Brown negotiates a deal with the Chinese Government in Beijing to have China invest in infrastructure in downtown Oakland to create 10,000 new jobs in California. This is his first official trip abroad since becoming governor a second time. 

EVENT: Gold Star Mothers Day

on September 28, 2014
Courtesy Roots in Ripon
This special day of recognition was created by mother Grace Darling Seibold who lost her son during WW1. It is designed to recognize the mothers who have lost children in any American war.  The only retirement home dedicated to Gold Star Mothers exists in California, in Long Beach city. 

This is very appropriate given that California ranks high for being the home to fallen soldiers for both the recent Iraq war, and the still on-going Afghanistan war, and has lost the most people of any state to both wars combined:  “About 11% of the fallen are from California, more than any state, followed by Texas with 9% and Florida with 5%, according to the Defense Department”. 

SERIES: "Who am I" - guess this famous Californian

I was a movie star at age three
I was famous for my dancing
I was a delegate to the UN
I was ambassador to Ghana
I worked for Presidents Nixon, Ford, Reagan, and Bush
I was the first female chief of Protocal in America
I was born in Santa Monica
But I was educated in LA
I was married once in LA and once in Del Monte
I died in Woodside

GO SEE CA: Highland games in Dixon!

on September 27, 2014
Courtesy Daily Republic
If you missed the Scottish festival last week in the center of California, don't worry the festival is coming to Northern California.
The Scottish Highland games will be coming to Dixon - which is half way between the Bay Area and Sacramento.

There will be Whisky tasting,  food booths, bagpipe bands of course, and games testing strength. In addition the event will both feature Scottish and Irish dancing.

EVENT: Native American day

on September 26, 2014
Courtesy Library of Congress
Essentially this holiday is only celebrated in California. It was created as a holiday by Governor Ronald Reagan in 1968 and became an official state holiday for California government in 1998. The holiday is especially important to California because “Today there are more than 100 recognized tribes in California; more than any other state in the nation.” A full 1 percent of the population of California is made up of native peoples, again “more than any other state”.
Although native populations in each tribe are relatively small, (around 5700 people in each tribe on average), every single one of California’s 58 counties has a strong tribal presence.

SERIES: "Flash back Friday - This week in CA history" -Sequoia national forest opens 1890

This week in California history.The Sequoia national park opens.This park east of Visalia ,Ca covers 404,063 acres of land.It also includes Mt.Whitney which has the highest elevation in the lower 48 states.Near it is Kings Canyon park.Both are great places to visit here in California.Check out these huge trees....

NEWS UPDATE: Californian wins National Face of Glamour contest

on September 24, 2014
Congratulations to Allie Moore who won the National Face of Glamour Contest this week.  She has been competing in pageants for a few years. Last year she was the runner up for the National Face of Glamour competition. This year she won!

And she has already  won the Miss San Francisco contest

California started my career in entertainment: One man's story

By Bill Hensley

Courtesy TN Vacation
"A wand'ring minstrel, I, a thing a shreds and patches, of ballad songs and snatches and dreamy lullaby."

I’ve traveled all of America, and worked as an actor, a singer, and a stage actor …and all of my travels as an entertainer started after I set up a beach head in California for my career.


on September 23, 2014
Courtesy Free day images
This day marks the beginning of the autumn season around the world.

The sun will rise later in the day and evening will come sooner, making the days feel shorter for the rest of the year. On this day the Sun appears to have very unique movements, rising directly in the East and setting directly in the West .

California's hidden treasure series :The sunnyside swap meet

Original article by Andrew Gimmi

On any weekend in the great state of California.You can find hidden treasures.One of these treasures is found in the central valley.That treasure is the Sunnyside swap meet.A place where people can go to sell their wares or to buy possibly the greatest stuff on earth.

Trash or Treasure in California

on September 22, 2014
by Linda Marquez
Assorted 1940's-50's dolls and toys
Could you be sitting on a goldmine and not even know it?

There could be a treasure trove of valuable items in your closets that you are not even aware of!
Have you ever seen an old television show or movie with an old doll or toy in it and said to yourself "I remember I had one of those when I was little!". Well some of those old dolls and toys are worth money now and some of them are even worth quite a lot of money!

SERIES: "Who am I" - guess this famous Californian

on September 21, 2014
I helped win WWII.
I always wanted to be a soldier.
I tried to kill Pacho Villa.
I was tough but well liked.
I competed in the Olypmics
I was born in San Marino, California
I went to school in Pasadena
My grandfather was mayor of Los Angeles
I meet my wife on Catalina Island

WHO AM I - find out next week.

GO SEE CA: Highland Games in Fresno!

on September 20, 2014
Courtesy flickrhivemind
You have probably heard a lot about Scotland in the last few days. 

Well Scotland is coming to you - the Scottish Highlands festival hits the Central Valley of California this weekend.

It truly is a family fun event, something to keep the kids and the adults entertained all day long. The event is open from 9am to 4:30pm.

Leona's Spiritual Insights: Blessed in California

on September 19, 2014
by Leona Byrne

California is such a beautiful state. There is such variety in nature in which to marvel and enjoy here. From the oceans to the mountains to the desert; all are truly beautiful in their own way. Nature is God's creation and I feel especially at home outdoors.

SERIES: "Flash back Friday - This week in CA history" - First railroad line in southern CA.1868

This week in California history. September 19th,1868 Construction was started on the Los Angeles & San Pedro railroad.A 22 mile track proposed by a Congressman named Banning.This was a link to the outside world that Los Angeles sorely needed.

Check out this vintage train schedule.

SERIES: "Throwback Thursday -California style" -Life in the central valley 1949

on September 18, 2014

Facebook controversy - Drag Queens and Artists demand identity?

Original reporting by Lisa Y. Flores

Courtesy Frank242

The call went out far and wide to Drag Queens and their supporters to converge on Facebook Headquarters on Wednesday to protest the policy of using real names and being lockout of Facebook.

Recently, Facebook has been cracking down on users with factitious names/personas until they input their real names. A protest facebook page was established, as well as carpools organized to attend the event.

SERIES: "Throwback Thursday - California Style" - vacation lifestyle in the 1960's


NEWS UPDATE: Could California become its own country?

on September 17, 2014
Let the debate begin
Check out this video just put out by Sovereign California.It gives a 5 point understanding of what Sub-National sovereignty.Are you for or against it?

NEWS UPDATE: Governor Brown signs historical bill into law.

Courtesy of Bloomberg
"This is a big deal," Brown said at the signing ceremony in the Capitol. "It's been known about for decades that underground water has to be managed and regulated in some way."
Brown signed into law yesterday a bill that now regulates underwater wells.It is the first of its kind. About 60% off California water comes from underground wells.

NEWS UPDATE : California wildfires .The king fires .

courtesy Sacramento bee
Here is a quick update on the fires going on in California from the weather channel.  

Space station California! - history of our Space Ports

Courtesy BizJournals

2014 – Governor Jerry Brown signs a law that gives tax breaks to Space exploration companies in an effort to keep them in California and rebuild the aerospace industry that “shrank dramatically in the early 1990s, contributing to a crash in the state's economy from which some areas have never recovered.”

2014 – NASA awards contract to California company Aerojet Rocketdyne to  develop a cheap way to launch satellites into space 

Flea markets in California

on September 16, 2014
swap meets and flea markets are awesome
ANDERSON - - Sat & Sun
Jolly Giant Flea market. 6719 Eastside Road. Open 6am to 4 pm. Admission 50 cents, ample free parking. Large indoor/outdoor market with antiques, collectibles, new and used merchandise, wide selection of goods here. Approx 150 dealers. Space from $6. Snack bar, restrooms, h/a. One of the areas better markets. c/p Pattie or Jim Smith. 6719 Eastside road, 96007. (530) 365-6458. Fax: (530) 365-6450.

The Birth of Mass Incarceration in California

on September 15, 2014
Original reporting by Jesse Gonzalez

Courtesy Economist
 The 1970 California inmate population was 23,000 inmates, in 12 prisons.  Today, the inmate population is around 140,000 inmates in 33 prisons. California professors who study the prison population of our state such as Robert Weisberg faculty co-director of the Criminal Justice Center at Stanford University, have concluded that; “California has the largest prison system in the country”.

Invest in this California company!

Courtesy Dreams Time
Every Californian knows that this state is a home for major technology companies. Alot of attention has been focused on Facebook and Apple with the I-phone recently.

However, Yahoo is a long time California based company too but not as well talked about amongst Californians as Facebook and Apple. That may be a big mistake, as an economic analysis shows that stocks in Yahoo may literally be undervalued. "If true, this means that there’s a significant undervaluation situation in Yahoo’s shares."

Will this Ca video gaming company reign the "console wars"? xbox vs playstation

on September 13, 2014

Let the real console wars begin
A young man comes home from school.Goes straight to the fridge.Makes himself a sandwich and a glass of milk.Says hello to the family.He might have to do homework first or chores.He then runs off to the living room.Sits down and and grabs a remote.Turns on his tv and then his favorite console.
The little beeps he hears tells him they are on and working.He puts on a microphone headset to talk to his friends all over the world.

Fire attacks California again...

Original Photo Californiality
Wild fires attack Californians again.
Massive wild fire in Southern California has destroyed over 2 square miles of land, and forced over 30 Californians to evacuate their homes.
Unfortunately this not the only wild fire that has affected a major portion of our state this year.