The Birth of Mass Incarceration in California

on September 15, 2014
Original reporting by Jesse Gonzalez

The 1970 California inmate population was 23,000 inmates, in 12 prisons.  Today, the inmate population is around 140,000 inmates in 33 prisons. California professors who study the prison population of our state such as Robert Weisberg faculty co-director of the Criminal Justice Center at Stanford University, have concluded that; “California has the largest prison system in the country”.

Invest in this California company!

Every Californian knows that this state is a home for major technology companies. Alot of attention has been focused on Facebook and Apple with the I-phone recently.

However, Yahoo is a long time California based company too but not as well talked about amongst Californians as Facebook and Apple. That may be a big mistake, as an economic analysis shows that stocks in Yahoo may literally be undervalued.
"If true, this means that there’s a significant undervaluation situation in Yahoo’s shares."

Will this Ca video gaming company reign the "console wars"?

on September 13, 2014

Let the real console wars begin
A young man comes home from school.Goes straight to the fridge.Makes himself a sandwich and a glass of milk.Says hello to the family.He might have to do homework first or chores.He then runs off to the living room.Sits down and and grabs a remote.Turns on his tv and then his favorite console.
The little beeps he hears tells him they are on and working.He puts on a microphone headset to talk to his friends all over the world.

Fire attacks California again...

Original Photo Californiality
Wild fires attack Californians again.
Massive wild fire in Southern California has destroyed over 2 square miles of land, and forced over 30 Californians to evacuate their homes.
Unfortunately this not the only wild fire that has affected a major portion of our state this year.

Is Betty Yee right for California?

on September 11, 2014

Original reporting by Andrew G.

This week Betty Yee came to Fresno,Ca for a fundraiser in her bid for the position of state controller.
She was formerly appointed to Chief deputy director for budget.She was elected to Chief Deputy to Board of Equalization and currently still holds that position. In addition she also is currently serving on the State Board of Directors as Secretary for California Women Lead.

California remembers 911

Today marks the 13th anniversary of September 11th attacks on the world trade center.On the pentagon and in Pennsylvania as well.We here at Californiality remember and will never forget that day.

The California state bar: toughest in the nation

on September 3, 2014
Few elected officials aren't lawyers
The California state bar started in 1927 and is provided for directly in the California state constitution.
What makes the story of the California bar exceptional is that it is possibly the most difficult way to quality to be a practicing lawyer in the entire nation according to multiple California news sources and multiple independent analysis, and according to the California bar itself.