CA FIRST: What "state" has the most foreign students?

on March 31, 2015
Check out this map to see how much more foreign students California has than any other state in the US.

Rally for “Independence” in Sac capitol April 20th!

on March 30, 2015
We have occasionally reported on the CA organization “Sovereign California”, a group that literally started based on the article “A Global California” published HERE at Californiality in 2012.

They are going to have a rally in the Sacramento Capitol on April 20th, to talk about how California should AT LEAST have a discussion on how it is more like a nation than a state.

They have a table reserved for 50 Californians to join them on this day.


2015 California economy update

How well is the CA economy doing at the beginning of 2015. We have an exhaustive review.

Desert Beauty

on March 27, 2015
By Leona Byrne

Recently my husband and I drove out to Borrego springs. We went to see the wildflowers and enjoy the desert beauty. We were not disappointed: there were many flowers of all different colors, shapes and sizes. The weather was absolutely beautiful and perfect.

The many different kinds of flowers reminded me of the diversity of California.

Was the dmv told to discriminate?

on March 26, 2015
Interesting story being told about the DMV regarding the new driver's licenses for Undocumented Californians.


Interview:Questions about (Part 3)

on March 24, 2015
Part 3 of the in-depth discussion on what does a more Sovereign California mean?
...Will we need a Visa? Does the Constitution have to change?

Governor Brown SAID IT "California is a nation "

on March 19, 2015
"It is a little bold to talk about the China-California partnership as though we were a separate nation, but we are a separate nation,"
- Governor Jerry Brown, March 2015 


Guns ,guns ,guns. More than ever in 2014

on March 18, 2015
Californians are buying more handguns than ever before in CA history!


Interview: What is ? (Part 1)

on March 17, 2015
Californiality radio discusses a big change idea for California, something that has been reported on periodically over the years here at Californiality - what would a more independent California look like.

Specifically what ideas does the organization Sovereign California have to a future California.

Interview: What is Californiality ?

on March 13, 2015
Check out the very first episode of Californiality RADIO...Where the staff of Californiality discusses (in depth & with their personal opinions) the issues that are reported on daily at, and Californiality TV.

TOP 10 REASONS why discussing the possibility of a more independent California is rational:

on March 2, 2015
TOP 10 REASONS why discussing the possibility of a more independent California is rational:

This information is provided by Marcus Ruiz Evans alone, and not the staff of Californiality.

(Weblinks provided unlinked for ease of checking out all information for yourself)

1. California has already asked and received the ability to regulate policy at a level equal to the Federal government (aka the Fed gov gave up policy authority on issues only to CA and not to any other states)…showing CA has unique governing allowances in the USA
2. California has already refused to participate in certain Federal programs
3. California has already made multiple moves to participate less with the Federal government
4. Many National media organizations (not CA organizations) have already publicly said that CA should secede – Americans not in CA have said this about CA
5. Many famous respectable Californians have publicly voiced the idea that CA should be more independent
6. The amount of Californians discussing a more independent CA is growing dramatically in just the last 3 years in comparison to the 10 years prior – this idea is becoming more popular not less
7. The fact is that CA has essentially the worst of all types of infrastructure including schools in the entire USA
8. The fact is that for the last 30 years CA has paid more into the national system than it ever received from the national system and this extra money went to subsidize other states to have infrastructure “continue to be better” than CA
9. The fact is that the Federal government ignores CA on major issues of importance to CA – so the current relationship is not working well. AKA why do we think the Federal government will ever listen to CA about the inequality of funding that has gone on 30 years
10. The National opinion of CA is horrible and this state is routinely the focus of outright hate from fellow Americans

The California drought could hurt the world.

News DETAILS & VIDEO analysis...below

A Californian who influenced the world passed away

on February 27, 2015
Courtesy Gage Skidmore CLICK
Leonard Nimoy passed away recently.
  • Studied photography at UCLA
  • Became famous filming "Star Trek" at Paramount pictures studios in Hollywood
  • Took it upon himself to highlight the struggles of the "true life California couple" the Mermelstein's who faced hate from a holocaust denial organization in the LA area, in the movie "Never forget" in which he stared
  • Lived and Died in Bel Air

Ca offers more healthcare extensions(Important update)

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California files taxes for half of the Nation

on February 26, 2015
Take a look at this chart provided by the IRS. It lists the mailing addresses of the 5 offices for all of the United States that process all of the tax returns turned in each year.

The office that is located in California, processes taxes for literally over half of the United States’s States.

Take a look at this map below.

A new solar wonderland

News DETAILS & VIDEO analysis...below

Do Schools Benefit from the Lottery?

When one of us wins, we all win. Or do we? 

News DETAILS & VIDEO analysis...below

California Has Some Firm Pesticide Laws

on February 25, 2015
Regulations on Chloropicrim-- a pesticide responsible for having caused hundreds of people to suffer from irritated eyes, coughing fits and headaches-- .are expected to be enforced sooner than we think.

News DETAILS & VIDEO analysis...below

Another Example: How the Fed Gov treats CA with true injustice.

on February 24, 2015
The financial collapse of the USA and the world economy started with Wall Street bankers all located in New York who played games with the stock market.

California was the worst hit place in all of the USA by this fraud – the housing bubble burst first in CA.
"California, tragically, is the epicenter for the loan modification frauds," said Joseph Dunn, CEO of the California State Bar.