Read this essay about how being a Californian means loving Chaparral plants

on April 28, 2015
Read this essay: “Who speaks for the chaparral?” By Richard W. Halsey, San Diego Tribune, Jan 14, 2005, it talks about the importance of planting and being near Chaparral plants for all people who consider themselves Californians (something covered earlier here at Californiality). 

Here are some select quotes:

Believe it or Not: California does have its own border guard

on April 27, 2015
Many Californians don't believe that CA already has (a) border checkpoints for all entries coming (from other US States) into CA, and (b) a border guard to operate those checkpoints, that (c) does have the power to compel people to stop at the CA border for inspections.

This isn't a normal border guard.  "California border protection stations" (BPS) are run by the CA Department of Food and Agriculture, since the early 1920s. There are 16 of them located at the borders between CA and Oregon, Nevada, and Arizona - and yes they can make you stop at the border. 

CA politicians who have already publicly challenged the Fed gov on an issue

on April 24, 2015
Here is a list of elected leaders from California who have already, publicly, challenged, or pushed back against the Federal government on an issue.

Areas where US is dependent on CA and the % of dependency

on April 23, 2015
There is a lot of talk across the US about how CA is dependent on America..that is not the case.  Besides being a donor state, meaning that CA for the last 30 years has paid more into the Federal system than it ever received, here are other ways that the US is dependent on what California provides.

Things Californian elected officials have done to push the Federal gov back

on April 22, 2015
Many Californians simply are not aware that their elected officials have, and can do things, within the law to push back on Federal dominance of life in California.  Here is a selection of these leaders, chosen by Californians and the acts they have done - to push back against Federal government intrusion into California life.

Article says CA is going to die this year

on April 21, 2015
Leave it to non-Californians to talk in sensational terms about the end of CA. Here is another one claiming that CA will end this year, and is going to die.

Its easy, I guess to forget that CA figured out Climate Change for the World and International Airline travel, and the Internet, and E-commerce, and the Soviet-US thaw in relationships - all problems the rest of the entire World, including the Federal government of the US couldn't or were too scared to even attempt to figure out. But the drought issue - for sure will be the thing that Californians CAN'T innovate and figure a solution to. Yeah that makes sense (I'm being totally sarcastic).

CA FIRST – 1/2 of the US Debate team are Californians.

on April 17, 2015
Congratulations and much pride from all of California to Milan Amritraj, Nikolas Angelopoulos, Sara Evall, Jane Irons, Amelia Miller, and Matthew Zheng, who form a full ½ of the debate team representing the entire US. 49 other states work to fill the other 6 slots.

Look how great the US is doing on race issues – spoiler warning: Not that Great.

on April 16, 2015
Here are 4 charts that show, looking at Home Ownership, Employment, Education and Imprisonment, how well African Americans and Latinos do compared to people of Caucasian descent over the last 30-40 years looking across America.  It’s not that impressive.
The ability to talk about the need for a more equal US has greatly improved over this time, but the actual statistics of how well minorities do in US society – tell a totally different story, of a hard long journey to barely any improvement.

UPDATE: A history of California and China

on April 15, 2015
Major New development in the history of relations between California and China happened in 2015.

New York based academic researchers worked with California academic researchers to release a report entitled: “A vital partnership: California and China collaborating on Clean Energy and Combating Climate Change”.  This report says that California has acted like a nation working with another nation; China, to create enormous positive changes for making the world cleaner.

Take a look at the chart below that shows 14 different areas of partnership between China and California. 

CA FIRST: Most popular by far for foreign students in all of the US

on April 14, 2015
Most popular place in US for foreign students:
"California remains the biggest draw for foreigners"
"As a state, California attracts more international students than any other."

Undergraduate program most popular with foreign students in all of the US – USC in CA:
"For the 12th consecutive year, more international students are attending the University of Southern California than any other American institution"

US economy NOT improving – in 4 charts.

on April 13, 2015
Take a look at these 4 charts which are based on official data from the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, The Federal Treasury Department, and the International Monetary Fund. They show that compared to other recessions in the history of the US – this recession is taking much much longer to “correct”.
Also to make matters worse, in order to stabilize the recession as much as the US has been able to – it has gone in as much debt as it took to win WWII, and is now the second most indebted nation in the entire world.  Analysis:  The US is in an epic amount of debt, with no clear sign that it is actually getting out of the recession because of it.

CA reporter Joe Mathews: Turn to the Chinese to save CA ! (infrastructure)

on April 10, 2015
"California has an estimated $800 billion in unmet infrastructure needs, but our politicians are allergic to the kind of big investments you’ve been making for years. So why don’t you pull us into your new Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, which Britain, France, Germany and Italy just joined? 
Yes, our country’s leaders in Washington opposed the bank and would try to keep us out. But since Congress has shown so little interest in funding California’s high-speed rail and drought-resistant waterworks, why shouldn’t we turn to your bank, which is supposed to invest in China’s neighbors?" - Joe Mathews

Save CA, and love CA by planting Chaparral – in response to the Drought.

on April 9, 2015
California is in an epic drought. A state of emergency has been declared – because our water use as Californians is too high. Alt of talk is going around suggesting the Californians will have to get rid of their beautiful lawns in order to conserve water. --THAT’S GREAT NEWS.

Why – because the Bermuda or other grass lawn common throughout CA are not plants native to CA.  

What countries really like Executions in the World..hint hint US in the top 10 in the world

on April 8, 2015
There are around 210 recognized nations in the world. The US is in the top 10 nations for executions. These charts show that justice in the US is closer to how justice is handled in the Middle East or Central Africa…than the entire rest of the world.

Californians opinion of CA highest it has been in 15 years…Bay Area Democrats believe in CA MOST!

on April 7, 2015
Here are the results from two statewide polls, one taken at the end of 2013, and one taken at the beginning of 2015. For the first time in over a decade, a clear majority of Californians believe that CA is a good place to live, and on the right track.

Around 40% of Californians felt this way in 2013, now over 50% do in 2015.
In both the 2013, and 2015 state-wide surveys, Bay Area Democrats were shown to be the group that had the most positive opinion about CA or any demographic group in California.

CA FIRST: What state has had the most foreign students since 2012

on April 6, 2015
We showed how CA had by far the most foreign students in 2015, this chart shows that CA has held that top post for the last couple of years (probably much longer than that).

WHAT IS GOING ON? Is Ca breaking away from the US?

on April 1, 2015
An initiative is filed looking into how to do this in February. Also that month the second highest ranking Democrat officer in CA files a proposal to create a foreign embassy for CA in Washington DC!  Later that same month, a survey is done showing over 30% of Californians are interested in the idea of a (more) independent California, and then right at the start of the very next month, the sitting Governor of California makes this statement: “WE ARE A SEPARATE NATION”…what is going on in California?

Economy update 2: Huge cap and trade auction in Ca

California just held the world's biggest auction for Climate Change.

CA FIRST: What "state" has the most foreign students?

on March 31, 2015
Check out this map to see how much more foreign students California has than any other state in the US.

Rally for “Independence” in Sac capitol April 20th!

on March 30, 2015
We have occasionally reported on the CA organization “Sovereign California”, a group that literally started based on the article “A Global California” published HERE at Californiality in 2012.

They are going to have a rally in the Sacramento Capitol on April 20th, to talk about how California should AT LEAST have a discussion on how it is more like a nation than a state.

They have a table reserved for 50 Californians to join them on this day.


2015 California economy update

How well is the CA economy doing at the beginning of 2015. We have an exhaustive review.

Desert Beauty

on March 27, 2015
By Leona Byrne

Recently my husband and I drove out to Borrego springs. We went to see the wildflowers and enjoy the desert beauty. We were not disappointed: there were many flowers of all different colors, shapes and sizes. The weather was absolutely beautiful and perfect.

The many different kinds of flowers reminded me of the diversity of California.

Was the dmv told to discriminate?

on March 26, 2015
Interesting story being told about the DMV regarding the new driver's licenses for Undocumented Californians.


Interview:Questions about (Part 3)

on March 24, 2015
Part 3 of the in-depth discussion on what does a more Sovereign California mean?
...Will we need a Visa? Does the Constitution have to change?