A Californian who influenced the world passed away

on February 27, 2015
Courtesy Gage Skidmore CLICK
Leonard Nimoy passed away recently.
  • Studied photography at UCLA
  • Became famous filming "Star Trek" at Paramount pictures studios in Hollywood
  • Took it upon himself to highlight the struggles of the "true life California couple" the Mermelstein's who faced hate from a holocaust denial organization in the LA area, in the movie "Never forget" in which he stared
  • Lived and Died in Bel Air

Ca offers more healthcare extensions(Important update)

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California files taxes for half of the Nation

on February 26, 2015
Take a look at this chart provided by the IRS. It lists the mailing addresses of the 5 offices for all of the United States that process all of the tax returns turned in each year.

The office that is located in California, processes taxes for literally over half of the United States’s States.

Take a look at this map below.

A new solar wonderland

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Do Schools Benefit from the Lottery?

When one of us wins, we all win. Or do we? 

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California Has Some Firm Pesticide Laws

on February 25, 2015
Regulations on Chloropicrim-- a pesticide responsible for having caused hundreds of people to suffer from irritated eyes, coughing fits and headaches-- .are expected to be enforced sooner than we think.

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Another Example: How the Fed Gov treats CA with true injustice.

on February 24, 2015
The financial collapse of the USA and the world economy started with Wall Street bankers all located in New York who played games with the stock market.

California was the worst hit place in all of the USA by this fraud – the housing bubble burst first in CA.
"California, tragically, is the epicenter for the loan modification frauds," said Joseph Dunn, CEO of the California State Bar.

E-Cigarettes May Soon Be Banned from Public Places

California legislatures are looking to treat e-cigarettes like regular cigarettes, and ban them from public spaces.

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California Is Making Some Adjustments to Laws Surrounding the Legal Smoking Age and E-Cigarettes

on February 23, 2015
For every new trend, there's a new law being enforced to ban it. This time, the California bill is seeking  a ban on e-cigarettes and raising the legal smoking age to 21. 

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Original reporting by Leona Byrne

Today my husband David and I had lunch at Rubys in Palm Springs California. The weather was beautiful and Dave and I were relaxed as we sat outside and watched people walk by. Dave and I were very calm and in tune to the environment. We both noticed the energy of the people around us and the place in general.

Judges Cannot Be Boy Scouts In California

on February 20, 2015
Judges who serve in California can no longer belong to the Boy Scouts. Whose idea was this? Apparently, the California Judges Association is begin the new law. 

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Gifts from God

on February 19, 2015
Original reporting by Leona Byrne

We are all blessed with gifts that are God given.

These are unique to each one of us individually. Some people have highly developed skills or proclivity toward physical activity.

Athletes would be in this group.

Once Deemed the Happiest Place on Earth, Disneyland Is Now Known For... the Measles?

California officials have confirmed 79 cases of measles in California. Are you aware of the signs? 

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Two frightening charts that show the Drought will get much worse.

on February 18, 2015
Two charts below show how bad the drought COULD Be in California. 
Following the two charts, is a map showing how well your city/ region in California helping to solve or contributing to the problem for our State. 

Are Oil Companies Allowed to Contaminate Our Water?

For decades, California officials have allowed oil companies to drill waste disposal wells into aquifers that were deemed suitable for drinking. How does this affect you? Watch the video below to find out. 

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In 2015, California Still Has Reefer Madness

on February 17, 2015
With four states already legalizing marijuana, why is liberal California still opposing the idea? This is just another example of how a bad regulation climate is forcing businesses to leave California.

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California is Awarded Huge Grants For Energy

on February 16, 2015
California is getting a great deal of money for alternative energy projects. Just how much are we getting? $17.5 million.  

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Shark attacks are on the rise

on February 13, 2015
Sharks are coming. 

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California Has the Worst Guidance Counselors in the Nation

We love the state of California, but when it comes to guidance counselors, our state has the worst in the nation. And you can blame it on Proposition 13. 

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New Mortgage Rates and Rules for Homeowners

on February 12, 2015
There's good news for California home owners with bad loans!  

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Beauty Resides Under the California Sea

We are known for our world famous coast line, but what about the creatures that live under it. Here are "most famous California Sea Creatures".

“Flipper” the Blue Whale – lives off San Diego
Accidentally flipped over boat while trying to get a snack. 

Huge Sections of CA are NOT Getting Immunized

on February 11, 2015
According to an analysis conducted by Kaiser Permanente, large portions of Californians are neglecting to immunize their children. Are immunizations really bad?

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The World's Tallest Living Thing Resides in California

Courtesy New Under the Sun blog
“Hyperion”, a giant redwood at Redwood National Park in Humbolt County, California, is the tallest living thing in the world. The giant redwood stands at 378.1 feet, which is about 6 stories taller than the famous Statue of Liberty in New York City

Redwood trees thrive along the north coast of California, near the Oregon border. The location of Hyperion within the forest has been kept a secret for fear of vandalism, although researchers did admit that it was found at the edge of the drainage basin of Redwood creek in the northern part of the park

You can see what Hyperion looks like with this video footage

Governor Browns Budget Will Neglect Poor

on February 10, 2015
Does California's Governor neglect the poor? Many people, particularly Democrats, are saying it does.  

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A Look Back at the Very First Video On California by Californiality Owner

Considering we are well into this brand new year, we thought it might be fun to take a look back at the very first video on California news ever done by the owner of Californiality.

Tulare Sci-Fi Con…coming in March!

on February 9, 2015
Original reporting by Douglas J. Bloomer

Attention all geeks, gamers, cosplayers, friends, family and extraterrestrials!
March is 'marching' up fast!

That means the Tulare SCI-FI CON is coming, March 7-8th, in the Central Valley, California.

UPDATE: Who's the 'BOSS'

Original reporting by Douglass J Bloomer

PEPE', of 'WHO'S THE BOSS' fame, reports another Catacomb Party is scheduled for April 4th to be held on the FRESNO FULTON MALL at the MARIPOSA PLAZA!

Pepe' is especially excited because it is going to be held right across from HIS business location!  He will be enjoying the music from his business' doorstep.
He looks forward to hearing over 30 bands, and especially one of his favorite performers- DAN DEACON- YEAH!!

Simply go to this link for the full bowl of tasty information.

Something is Killing California Sea Lions

California sea lions may be in grave danger, and scientists might know why. According to some, a neuro-toxin found in algal blooms is the culprit.

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The Oldest Building in Southern California

Courtesy City Project CA
Unknown to most professionals who work in architecture or real estate, Sanchez Adobe at 3725 Don Felipe Drive, in the Baldwin Hills area of Los Angeles, is the oldest building in all of Southern California.

If you haven’t heard about it, you're not alone. It was only about two years ago that historical experts in Southern California seemed to figure out that this building is in fact the oldest building in the region.