California Stereotypes Suck!

on April 2, 2010
California stereotypes are everywhere, but are they all true?

Around the world, there are so many differing perceptions of who Californians are that it's hard to believe California is just one place.

One stereotype is that all Californians surf with celebrities. Another is that a Californian's life consists of tofu, Botox and pot.....

All Californians supposedly hug trees and save whales in between adult film acting jobs too!

Are these California stereotypes seriously for real? Like, HELLO, do we all really have granola breath and look like strippers?

What's totally interesting is that we Californians endure many stereotypes from within the boundaries of our Golden State. Many around the state have strange perceptions of fellow Californians in the other regions.

Prejudices abound from one end of our state to the other, unfortunately. Here are some of the most shocking and bizarre stereotypes within our California society:

(Not our opinions --- just what we've heard repeatedly over many years)
  • San Francisco - Gays. Goths. Hippies. Communists. Satanists.
  • San Diego - Sailors. Hookers. Wetbacks. Transients. The clap.
  • Humboldt County - Potheads. Pot farms. Pot cults. Totally POT.
  • High Desert - Meth labs. Tweakers. Extraterrestrials. UFO cults.
  • Orange County - Megachurches. Republicanoids. Plastic lawns.
  • Silicon Valley - Geeks. Nerds. Stoics. Robots. Zombies. DEVO.
  • Santa Barbara - Birkenstocks. Nature freaks. New Agers. Snobs.
  • Oxnard - Chicano gang bangers. Drug dealers. Parolees.
  • Oakland - Crime. Rap. Ghetto. Welfare. Crack. Probation.
  • Los Angeles - Surfers. Stars. Botox. Boobs. Fake tans. Riots.
  • Hollywood - Heroin. Homeless. Hookers. Has-beens. Hype.
  • Malibu - Bleach blonde beach bimbos. Rehab. Mudslides. Fires.
  • Beverly Hills - Fakers. Wannabes. Iranians. McMansions. Suicide.
  • South Central - Crips. Bloods. Weaves. Guns. Liquor stores.
  • Sierras - Unibombers. Rednecks. Snow. Rust. White trash.
  • Central Valley - Dirt. Dust. Valley Fever. Bankruptcy. Stench.
  • San Fernando Valley - P*rn. Gangs. Valley Girls. 7-Elevens.
  • Inland Empire - Indian casinos. Foreclosures. Earthquakes.

Obviously, some of these stereotypes would have to be false or 40 million Californians wouldn't live here! We're sure you'll agree that California stereotypes totally suck, especially when they're from inside our own state.

Regardless, California stereotypes stubbornly persist. Can we ever break free, or should we all just GO BLONDE?

California Stereotypes Like Totally Suck!