Feb 9, 2011

California Dream vs American Dream

The California Dream or the American Dream --- which is more powerful today?

It would probably help to know what makes California so different.

Though famously 'laid back', California's people are positively confident. Strength with style. Fortitude with fantasy. Courage with coolness. Grit with glamor.

The positive vibration still defiantly persists in the world's most creative society.

In California, we are blessed with abundant land, the Pacific coast, majestic mountains, and powerful dreamers, creators, organizers and marketers.

We The People Of California are relentlessly marching forward into the next dimension we have co-created.

Beyond the United States, we are CALIFORNIA.

While we honor our special relationship with the USA, we are a land and society with our own constitution, economy, philosophy and ideals. We produce 13-percent of the U.S. gross domestic product but we remain 100-percent California.

Californians cherish the independent spirit that results from the spiritual liberation of the INDIVIDUAL. All must first understand this point to effectively engage with us.
  • We are a culture of confidence, so we believe in our abilities.
  • We are a society of faith, so we release our past and create our future.
  • We are misunderstood, so we have nothing to lose by restructuring Life itself.
  • We are a state of mind more than a state in a union.
  • We bring the 'impossible' into the practical world.
  • We do not revere convention, tradition, habit, pattern nor predictability.
  • We are easily frustrated by mediocrity, so we must always 'push the envelope'.
  • We live on the edge of the earth; the edge of the imagination; the edge of time.
The only thing that can stop our momentum is a lack of faith in the future, which we experience in regular, short cycles.

Once we face our fears of an uncertain future head-on, we Californians bust through all thoughts of lack and limitation and design a bold new reality.

We realize that America cannot comprehend the 'method to our madness' but, in turn, we Californians cannot relate to America's growing belief that everyone must do with less; that we must give more without expecting any return on our investment of time and talent.

The world can know that America is the past, and that California is the future, when the President confers with our California leaders in an arbitrary attempt to jump-start America's momentum.

Is America's emerging tendency toward social dependency now at odds with the California Dream --- and our $2-trillion California economy?

Independent and innovative Americans who will not accept social defeatism are moving to California.

Is America now discouraging individual genius from blossoming while California prepares fertile soil for growth?

Lately, some have commented on a "diabolical attempt to discourage Americans into resigned submission to a global agenda which aims to centralize power".

Who knows, and who cares?

We Californians couldn't care less about somebody else's power-hungry agenda. We're marching in a new direction.

California has repeatedly proven itself to be an inspiring land of risk-takers who institute big changes that impact the world, yet we Californians are called 'Pollyannas' for wanting to bless mankind with possibilities, positivity and prosperity.

It seems like California has more critics than the Roman Empire did. Undaunted, we Californians move onward and upward.

California is a truth, a conviction and, yes, a state of mind. California is available everywhere for those who will free their minds.
  • California is hope, not fear.
  • California is a dream fulfilled, not discouraged.
  • California is freedom, not intrusive control.
  • California is free thought, not propaganda.
  • California is liberation, not limitation.
  • California is never the past, it is forever THE FUTURE.
Of all American Dreams, the California Dream is the gateway to the next dimension of the land of the free and the home of the brave.

All one has to do is observe what many immigrants do once they land in America. After trying out other parts of the USA, the most creative and ambitious ones make their way to California.

Why is that, exactly?

Because, in California, we are brave enough to be irreverent, tough enough to survive the worst, bold enough to demand the best and experienced enough to stare an unfriendly future straight in the eye --- and smile.

The California Dream or The American Dream?