The Californian's Creed

on March 2, 2011
The Californian's Creed is for all California citizens who wish to responsibly care for themselves, their families and their communities.

California is a land of individual expression and freedom. A growing number of Californians want to keep it that way.

Where do you stand?

The Californian's Creed
  1. In this land of illusion, I will always maintain an awareness of absolute reality.
  2. I will develop insight and clarity amid all chaotic confusion.
  3. I will create a united front with my friends, neighbors and loved ones against all whom wish us ill.
  4. I will stay abreast of societal changes as they occur, with eyes wide open.
  5. I will work toward the longest lifespan and the strongest mind possible.
  6. I will temper my knowledge and use of science and technology with wisdom and vigilance.
  7. I will develop an immunity to chemicals, metals, aging accelerators and sedatives in food, water and air.
  8. My physical health will reject poisons and toxins at every turn.
  9. My mental and reproductive health will be strengthened by choosing the natural over the synthetic.
  10. My children will be healthy, happy, wise and strong, regardless of what others may do.
  11. I will not be swayed by the 'fun' images and music of unhealthy, opportunistic marketing campaigns.
  12. When I see products being used in TV and films, I will research their true effects before any purchase or usage.
  13. I will investigate any substance before I allow it into the bloodstream of myself or my family.
  14. I will start early on, when minds are young, and will provide my children with what they need most --- love, truth and wisdom.
  15. I will never be rendered docile nor weak by any external 'power' nor any self-appointed 'authority'.
  16. I will never forget that love conquers and vanquishes fear.
  17. I will remember that this earthly life is short, and that the only thing we take with us when we leave is love.
  18. I will balance my efforts for money and material goods by connecting with my inner self.
  19. My mind will never belong to persuaders nor purveyors of mind-altering technology.
  20. I will build the government of my household, which is the foundation of all constructive politics.
  21. I do not work FOR anyone; I work WITH equitable parties for mutual exchange.
  22. I will never permit dogma, religion nor political affiliation to stop me from loving my neighbor.
  23. No person will be allowed to steer me while letting me think I am guiding myself.
  24. When a light shines in my midst, I will help to lift it up and not extinguish it.
  25. I will never permit my individual liberty and freedom to be seized through chaos.
  26. I will develop discernment and view the motives of others clearly.
  27. I will not be forced into fear and anger though images and sounds.
  28. I will not permit my labor and tax contributions to manipulate my rights and liberties.
  29. I will actively make time to relax and enjoy this land that I work so hard for.
  30. I will remember that skin color is an illusion and that all humans are human beings.
  31. I will not allow anyone to take over my land, resources or wealth to exercise total control over me.
  32. I will not be deceived into accepting laws that steal or encroach upon my freedom.
  33. I will never stop learning.
  34. I will not be imprisoned by an interest-charging money system that keeps me or my children in debt.
  35. No information nor media outlet will ever speak as powerfully as my own words to myself, my family, my friends and my community.
  36. No weapons formed against me or my family will enjoy success.
  37. My reality will never be a prison of self-delusion or false pride.
  38. I will always be aware that this land is home to people I care about.
  39. I will freely exercise my Right of Dominion granted by the Creator.
  40. I will consciously remember the truth above all earthly deceptions...
...I'm Free.