Bee Gees Death & Funeral

on November 17, 2011
The Bee Gees' Robin Gibb died at 62 after battling liver and colorectal cancer, leaving brother Barry Gibb as the last surviving member of The Bee Gees.

The Robin Gibb Funeral is detailed below.

The Bee Gees
Before his death, Robin Gibb had come out of a coma but was not able to speak due to the tracheotomy tube in his neck.

The Bee Gees superstar had received aggressive treatments for advanced bowel cancer, pneumonia and liver failure. His family sat bedside, playing his music until Robin Gibb died.

Gibb had become increasingly frail and the pop superstar had appeared gaunt during recent public appearances, making longtime fans alarmed and very worried.

In a recent TV interview, Robin Gibb spoke of being reunited with his twin brother and Bee Gees band mate, Maurice Gibb, who died in 2003 at age 53.

Twins Robin Gibb and Maurice Gibb were reunited in death at Robin's funeral. Gems containing the ashes of Maurice Gibb were brought to the funeral service of his twin brother Robin on Friday, June 8, 2012.

While the late Robin Gibb's memorial ceremony was private, a public service will be held at St Paul's Cathedral in September 2012.

The Gibb Family has requested that there be no flowers but called instead for donations to children's charities on the Isle of Man.

Barry and Robin Gibb
Eldest brother Barry Gibb, 65, had put his career and entire life on hold to devote himself to seeing his little brother through to the end of Robin Gibb's life.

The end came at last, and very sadly, though Robin Gibb now suffers no more.

A worldwide outpouring of mourning from five decades of Bee Gees fans fills the Internet in support for Robin Gibb's surviving family.

The singer's widow, Dwina Murphy Gibb, had desperately sought out alternative therapies to assist her husband's cancer treatment. Family, friends and fans had continued to pray for a miracle until the very last breath.

In the past 23 months, Gibb underwent chemotherapy, intestinal surgery, hospitalization for colon cancer, and surgery for a twisted small intestine to fix the same congenital condition that killed his twin brother Maurice Gibb.

Barbara Gibb, 92, the mother of the Bee Gees, had flown from Florida to join Robin Gibb's wife Dwina, daughter Melissa, and sons Spencer and Robin-John at the singer's bedside at a private hospital in Chelsea, West London.

The Bee Gees
Mother Gibb now mourns the death of three of her famous sons, Andy Gibb, Maurice Gibb and Robin Gibb.

Barry Gibb, her first-born, is now her only living son and the last Bee Gee.

The late Robin Gibb had famously avoided alcohol, drugs, smoking and unhealthy foods throughout life, so many are wondering how this all could have happened to him.

Robin Gibb and the Bee Gees are longtime friends of Hollywood, ever since the band's work on movie soundtracks for Saturday Night Fever, Grease and other films.

John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever
John Travolta expressed profound sadness at Robin Gibb's cancer death, as did many others in the entertainment industry shocked by the news of the death of Robin Gibb.

"Robin was not only an exceptional and extraordinary musician and songwriter, he was a highly intelligent, interested and committed human being," said Travolta.

"He was a great friend with a wonderful open and fertile mind and a student of history and politics. I will miss him very much. My thoughts and prayers are with Dwina and all the family."

The Brothers Gibb launched their highly successful 50-year music career as a child musical act in Australia.

The Bee Gees have sold one-quarter billion records, with Robin Gibb as the lead singer on many of the band's greatest hits, earning their place as one of the biggest-selling bands in the history of music.

Now, sadly, it appears that The Bee Gees, plural, have died as the world mourns the death of Robin Gibb.

The Robin Gibb Funeral

Barry Gibb paid a touching tribute to his brothers, late twins Robin & Maurice, saying, "They were both beautiful, and now they're together. They're actually together."

Barry also spoke about his regret at arguing with Robin right before his younger brother's death, which is still fresh.

"God knows how much we argued," he said. "Right up to the end we found conflict with each other, which now means nothing. It just means nothing."

"If there's conflict in your lives, get rid of it," Barry Gibb desperately advised funeral mourners.

Funeral guests wept en masse as Robin's blinding white coffin entered the church to the sound of the Bee Gees' megahit "How Deep Is Your Love."

The Bee Gees Funeral
Elderly matriarch Barbara Gibb was distraught beyond consolation and could not remain in the church as her eldest son Barry delivered his eulogy for Robin.

"The three of us have seen a lot of crowds but I've never seen so much love in one crowd as I'm looking at today," said Barry, holding back tears.

Funeral guests heard legendary songwriter Robin Gibb's last composed 2012 song, "Don't Cry Alone." There were no dry eyes anywhere as his survivors clung to each other.

Countless Bee Gees fans packed the streets and sidewalks to cry as the white, glass-sided carriage carrying Robin Gibb's coffin was guided through the mass of mourners by four plumed, black horses (video below).

A son, brother, singer, songwriter, band mate, husband, father, friend and historic Briton departed all at once as Robin Gibb's body rode further and further away...

... as the last Bee Gee wept.

Robin Hugh Gibb, CBE