California: The Female State

on January 20, 2012
California is the land of women's rights, feminine empowerment, gender equality and strong female warriors from every walk of life.

Often called The Female State or The Venus State, California has long been famous for its remarkable women who influence the entire world with strength, skill, intuition, determination, confidence, glamor and raw feminine power.

California's strong female role models include entrepreneurs, activists, inventors, mothers, wives, politicians, ministers, designers, soldiers, astronauts, teachers, musicians, CEOs, athletes, philanthropists, judges, pilots, bodybuilders, scientists, producers, evangelists, models, directors, police officers, doctors, nurses, firefighters, mechanics and social leaders.

Of all lands on the earth, California is the one place where a girl is raised to believe she can conquer any obstacle, fulfill any dream, fight every battle and become anything she imagines.

In California, a woman can even become a man if she so chooses --- physically, socially and legally.

The Golden State has more communities, towns and cities named after women than any place in the world and, as well, California has the strongest laws for the protection of the rights of women and girls of any society on earth.

"California girls, we're undeniable." - Katy Perry

California has perpetuated thousands of images worldwide, both consciously and subconsciously, of what a woman "is" and what women can become.

The virgin, supermodel, banshee, maiden, warrior, matron, Valley Girl, dominatrix, heroine, princess, geek, superstar, mother, queen, adulteress, damsel, centerfold, nun, murderess, stripper, goddess, witch, huntress, butch, femme, psychic and the bleach blonde beach bimbo are just a few of the California archetypes and stereotypes universally recognized.

The one image of women that is strictly taboo in California, however, is that of a SLAVE.

California women are far too empowered and independent to ever tolerate subservient victimization.

The one phrase one never hears in California is "the weaker sex." Uttering those words is practically illegal in America's Estrogen Belt.

California is Jezebel, Mother Mary, a teenage pop star, a female senator, a surfer girl and a billionairess all in the same camera shot with a Pacific Ocean backdrop in Technicolor, released Friday at a theater near you.

"I wish they all could be California girls."- The Beach Boys

What totally rules this State of the Golden Goddess?

Vibes, creative hunches, intuition, prayer, affirmations, dreams, visions, emotions, beauty, music, art, fashion, sensitivity, compassion, sympathy, communication, understanding, wisdom and love --- in many forms and expressions.

California may be famous for protesting against aggressive wars, but there is no match anywhere for the cunning strategy, brutal strength and merciless violence of California as a warrior woman defending her own.

California has her own state military which serves as a defense force in times of emergency or invasion.

She will not declare war on another land, but she will viciously attack any force entering to destroy her, no matter how beautiful, glamorous and feminine she appears to be.

Whether the world views her as the inventor, the innovator, the artist, the musician, the eternal virgin, the red carpet superstar, the earth mother, the temptress or the golden goddess, California is a warrior at heart connected to the sacred feminine.

The female protector of the desert, the mountains and the sea, California commands the world's most spectacular display of woman power the world has ever witnessed --- with hair, makeup and wardrobe to die for, dahling.

The Female State