Jodie Foster Speech Kicks Ass

on January 25, 2013
Jodie Foster received the Cecil B. DeMille Lifetime Achievement Award at the Golden Globes in Beverly Hills with an acceptance speech that shocked the audience and TV viewers with direct candidness.

Jodie Foster, 50, a Hollywood actor and director par excellence, was introduced on the grand stage by actor Robert Downey Jr. before Foster shouted, "I'm 50! I'm 50! I'm 50!"

From that point onward, the Golden Globes awards show was no longer the usual yawn-fest. It was suddenly compelling and inspiring.

For nearly seven full minutes, Foster bluntly addressed topics such as publicity, privacy, sexuality, stardom, loneliness and her 47 years in the entertainment industry.

The faces in the star-studded audience at the Golden Globes went from polite to uncomfortable to shocked to tearful to smiling. It was a lot for listeners to absorb from the notoriously private star.

The instantly-legendary Jodie Foster speech at the Golden Globes put a spotlight on every famous face in the audience as it revealed Foster's personal thoughts and emotions.

There was no acting involved. It was a dangerously real moment in Hollywood history, and Californiality was cheering her on with every bold sentence.

Jodie Foster Speech Kicks Ass Even more boldly, Jodie Foster publicly thanked her friend Mel Gibson, a decent and talented man needlessly tortured by Hollywood gatekeepers for the last seven years.

Jodie Foster had balls of steel and they proudly showed. Brava!

The superstar concluded her speech by declaring, "Jodie Foster was here. I still am, and I want to be seen, to be understood deeply and to be not so very lonely."

Let me explain something, folks.

Jodie Foster, Demi Moore, and the California Blogger all came out of the womb and were put in diapers just days apart from each other in November 1962.

We're 50! We're 50! We're 50!... and very proudly so.

Anyone who has watched Jodie and Demi and has read my articles over the years knows that we are blunt and brutally honest individuals with a low threshold for bullshit and hypocrisy.

Jodie Foster said what needed to be said and she did it with strategic coolness (video below). She kicked Hollywood's ass with class.

I respect Jodie more than ever for keeping it REAL in this land of so many illusions. Right on.

Jodie Foster | Golden Globes Speech